Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Note Pad a simple but can be a complex program. I have recently created a notepad program, a very basic one. All it does is, it allows the user to type in whatever they feel like and autosave the page every 2 seconds. So upon refreshing the page whatever the user typed in is still visible, didn't delete itself. Along with that I have added 2 buttons, save and clear. For the users who don't know about the autosave, they can press the save button to save their text and the clear button if the user wants to start over for whatever reason.

I haven't touched web programming in a long time now and I forgot most of the syntax or how to do something. So for this lab, I looked a lot of what I need on They have a lot of tutorial for HTML, CSS, javascript and more. Also, the good thing about this website is that it has interactive examples. So you can run a snippet of code and play around with it to get a feel of how it works and how you can incorporate it with your project.

All in all, this was a good refresher lab for web development.

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